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in your forecast. and bay area suburb rocked by a violent home invasion. the action police are taking. ktvu news at 7 is next. and overflow crowd tonight remembering a young girl who's life was cut short. happening it now, a candle light vigil at martinez jr. high school. hundreds gathering to remember tina betty. that tragic accident was a jenna ran back to retrieve her cell phone. her boyfriend said they had been sitting on the tracks. he saids they ran from the tracks what they heard the train whistle but that jenna went back for her phone and was
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killed instantly. a major development tonight involving a report of a sexual assault of a transgender student at the hercules high school. police now say there was no assault, that had the student has recanted the story. the school board president said he's relieved this teen wasn't victimized. hing a nones the district has problems but just because the case was a false alarm that doesn't mean all the problems have been solved. he says the district has an opportunity to make changes including getting surveillance cameras. he says cameras could have made a difference in this case. >> if there had been a surveillance system there would have corroborating, data. it never would have happened if a camera system was. i know that for a fact. >> it would take at least 18 months to get cameras installed and could cost it-3 million california -- 2-$3 million for school. now to dublin where police aring looing for three home
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invasion robbers who tied up a woman in her 80s and made off with her valuables. it all happened on sarrento street. and now live with the action police plan to take this week. >> reporter: i learned from police that last night's home invasion is the fifth crime to happen in that same community since the beginning of month. >> this new, still under construction development is typically quiet community, but around nine last night that changed. but investigators say three men believed to be in their 20s broke into the upstairs bedroom of an 80-year-old woman who was asleep. >> at that point they tied her up and demand cash and valuables. they rum imagined through the house and fled the scene. >> police say the men took the woman's money, jewelry, and other valuables. one woman who asked we not show her identity said she was home last night when it took place.
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>> this one shook me up. >> i think other the weekend they had three houses. >> reporter: in fact police say there have been four home burglars are in the same community in the last four days. investigators trying to determine if the criming are connected. >> there have been some similar residential burglars. tonight was the last night -- last night was the first time someone was home. >> someone want a gated community. it's just not going to work. and then they want to hire security, you know, to come around driving around at night. >> reporter: police say the video surveillance setting a knew i will dark colored chevy or gmc pick up truck. live in dublin, channel 2 news. there is a stepped up police presence around santa
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clara university overnight. offers say three armed men robbed students near shock field at the park avenue and missions' street. one student was ordered to get on the ground and hit in the face. university officials encouraging students to travel in groups at night. a 57-year-old woman accused of beating her elderly mother to at the time with a hammer is behind bars tonight charged with murder. police say she attacked her 75- year-old mother after the two argued about the younger woman's marijuana use. she was arrested sunday after swat teams surrounded her mother's house and that's where police say the attack happened. the mother was taken to the hospital but died yesterday. new information is emerging about a burned body found at an oakland apartment complex over the weekend. the man's body was found at complex on 34th avenue after neighbors alerted crews about
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fire. the county coroner's office identified the victim as 56- year-old richard foehn. this is the same complexion where a woman died -- complex where a woman died last month. police doing a welfare check found 77-year-old susan fawn unresponsive. we have learned the two victims were related. >> this is also strange she told us. especially since it's the second anytime a month someone has been found dead here. >> neighbors say the 77-year- old woman was richard's foehns aunt and he worked as property manager for the building. free -- fremont police askinger if help after a woman said she was groped on the trail. investigator say the teen was shaken up but not physically injured. that man is described as caucasian in his 30s and five feet 10 inchessal with short
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curly black hair and beard. and state lawmakers on the prowl for a masked man. they show a scratcher ticket machine, show images of man who allegedly took the machine right out the front door. authorities had still don't know how he drove off with it. that machine was found a few blocks away. some of the scratches were missing but lottery officials have flagged those tickets so they cannot be cashed. turn of the century heist of san francisco may be the link to that recent discovery of gold coins. those coins estimated a the $10 million. were first shown off last week. an unidentified couple saided it found millions of dollars buried on its property. now historian has found an old newspaper that suggests those coins may have been stolen from the san francisco mint in 1900. the claim has not been verified but many of the coins uncovered
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are in order. san francisco city leaders approve and been a on the sale of plastic water balls less than 21-ounces. it was one of the toughest. as in the nation -- been as in the nation. supporters -- ban in the nation. supporters held an unusual test to make their point. >> is this tap water? the. >> san francisco put its tweeter a taste test. invite -- tap water to a taste test. >> it's actually bottled water. so a big surprise to me. >> the taste test came on a day city supervisor banned the sale and distribution of watered bottle 21-ounces or less on city places. the plan requires more water fountain it is and refillable bottle stations. >> they said bottle water is
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unnecessary. it creates waste. >> reporter: in this cartoon the international the bottled water association says most people won't carry containers and actually encourages consumers to turn to drinks higher calorie. >> not very convenient right. i mean if i'm walking around i do not want to carry a big water bottle from home. >> i think a lot of people prefer the convenience of that and i don't like it would affect the local businesses so much. >> reporter: businesses such as this one who's owner says she'll take a bit o after financial hit. >> i think ultimately it's going to give us and tut for substitute for something else we can make ourselves. >> reporter: it's set to faze in late year and cover all event on city proper by 2016.
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ktvu, 2 news. turning now to california's drought and how it could cause water bills to go up. the city must look for alternative sources of water. tonight the city council discussing buying water. but this new option would cost nearly $100 million more than in past years and customers may get stuck with the extra expense. >> it's frustrating because there's nothing we can do about it. we still need to drink water. >> the public works director says the veges being made so the city will be able to bank the water to use this year or the next several years if the drought continues. happening now the oakland city council taking up a controversial surveillance project. it is considering what calls a domain awareness center. it would integrate center at
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the port of oakland traffic cameras and been monitored around the clock. (and radio shack -- and radio shack planned to close stores. the chain has been dragged down by declining sales and did not do well in the critical holiday season. we reached out to see if any bay area stores wobblings -- would be closing but have not yet received a response. chevron rolling around amazon rain forest con tame nation. they're being sued by the nation of ecuador for soil and water contamination. today a federal judge in new york ruled a # panther billion dollar judgment was the result of fraud and the ecuador trial. the lawsuit is being per sued
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in other countries. -- pursued other countries. parents choosing to skip vaccinations had for their children. the one tool until one coupty to learn how many children are not being vaccinated. and a new tool that clears some of the facebook clutter. the easy way to on the out of posting without telling your friends. and tracking some wet weather in the area. i'll tell you the times you can expect tomorrow.
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driver facing several for several charges including a tui was a causing major damage. it happened overnight. police say that car jumped curve and took out a sign, a
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tree, and bus bench before plowing into a the driver strayed to run but was arrested. -- tried to run but was arrested. they say he was 25 years old from berkeley. and it reveals vaccinations rates for kindergarten rates and day cares. as ktvu's reporter tells us some say low immunizations at some schools could be a threat to the community. >> reporter: parents can click on a kindergarten or day care and find out how many kids vaccinated. at schools marked with red dots more than 10% have opted out. >> these red dot schools are very vulnerable because so few of their kids are vaccinated. >> though vaccines like whooping cough and polio are
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required the state allows individuals to file a opt out. the east bay waldorf school l was brief liquors -- closed in 2008 due to an outbreak of whooping cough. it currently has the highest number of families opting out of immunization at 50%. >> it's a really tough complicated issue. >> reporter: and school administrator say they too have a delicate bans. respecting parents decisions but trying to do what they can to protect public health. they require nonimmunized kids to stay home during outbreaks. as for the new map tool, it's interesting. >> does it influence whether i come to the school or not? i probably won't look at it. >> reporter: they're hoping more people will use it. the vaccination for other coupties is available on the
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state website but in a different format. web team has posted a link to that map. and the sharks had game gets under away in about 15 minutes. visitors now have to go through metal detectors. as well as pat downs and bag searches. the national hockey league is requiring arenas to beef up security. the sharks face off against the carolina hurricanes at 7:30 want to. and net news tonight, facebook, giving users more control over their new speeds. you can now block specific website content posted by friended from showing up on your own feed. you can do that without unfriending or unfollowing your friend. you can block the content by
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clucking the arrow on the post. and flex coin out of the business. a posting on its website said it was robbed all of 896 coins. at today's price that's more than $600,000 worth of cyber currency. and the biggest recent lost came last friday when toyko, mountain goggles shut down. california may have a reputation a as state full of yoga practicing. yet we're the only eight slimmest state in the union. and the least obese, montana. 19.6% of people are obese. colorado follows with 20%. nevada is third at 21.1%. california coming in at 8 with 23.6% and the heaviest state, mississippi.
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is the most overweight state with more than 35% of residents classified as obese. now, to the unrest in ukraine. pat tin -- putin said he has no intense fight. john kerry arriveed in kiev. kerry urged the russian government stand down. >> reporter: president obama says there is a quote strong believe russia's action in -- ukraine violate international law. >> i don't think that's fooling anybody. >> reporter: earlier russian soldiers firing warning shots as unarmed ukrainian troops marches toward them. >> what's happening there is
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not based on actually concern for russian nationals or russian speakers inside of ukraine but is based on russia seeking through force to exert influence on a neighboring country. >> president obama speaking as sec it aof stair john kerry is in kiev for those killed. and calling for russia to deescalate the situation. >> if it's not willing to work protect i will with the government of ukraine, then our partners will have absolutely no choice but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, and economicically. >> reporter: president obama and secretary kerry's word come after all proposed aid package. a 1 billion-dollar loan
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guarantee to help the struggle economy. wall street rallied today as investors sensed an easing tension in ukraine. and a little break from the wet weather. but more rain on the way? >> more and that's a good thing. we'll see showers in the forecast late tomorrow afternoon and evening into thursday morning. and then again on the weekend. we'll have all of that. right now we'll show you the highs we got today. upper 60s in some places. here's the deal. despite all the cloud cover, we're going to see temperatures. we're going to see temperatures tomorrow and easily make it into the upper 60s and low 70s. so this green -- hitting the ground here. just kind of a radar return. we are seeing some -- we are seeing shower activity or some potential shower activity. but i think it's very light and not even hitting the ground.
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it's very moist atmosphere. that's what we're up against here. as the moisture moves in tonight we could see more drizzle and sprinkles but really light stuff. most people won't see anything but you could see something. and then as we get into saturday evening a very similar weather system. it'll drop maybe a tenth of an inch. so these are kind of weak events. this computer model at 6:00 a.m. and just light sprinkle here. light sprinkle there. about lunchtime you got -- rain starting to move in. up north for the afternoon commute, you see heavier drizzle here. i don't think it's going to be wet. i think they'll be areas with moisture. so that's tomorrow afternoon. and then the real weather moves in late overnight tomorrow night into thursday morning. and we'll look for potential for some wet on the roadways as well. the forecast highs tomorrow despite the cloud cover,
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there's upper 60s. even a couple low 70s. so mostly cloudy and mild tomorrow. maybe some drizzle. it's just a very moist atmosphere. and the strongest dynamics get here wednesday night. well, thursday morning. so might have a little impact on your thursday morning commute. kind of a nonevent is how it looks and sunday another chance for showers. and tonight, at 10:00 we'll update the latest computer models to track that rain. >> thank you. a puppy theft we told you about few days ago has a happy ending. jamie was up for adoption and a woman realized it was the same put she brought to a man on the beach. she returned the up. today. the milo foundation says it won't have trouble finding j marx ie a new -- jamie a new home. and the recycling plan to
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for the old bring in may provide a boost to housing. and drama off the coast -- a camera captures it. welcome to the farm of jack.
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there's a curly fry tree. and a chopper out back. there's a barn full of buns.
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and a thing you gotta try. a critter that makes burgers with bacon inside. boooorrrk- it's beef and pork! get bacon in your burger. jack's new bacon insider has a juicy beef patty with bacon mixed right into it, plus bacon strips and bacon mayo on a new gourmet brioche bun. boooorrrk - it's beef and pork! get bacon in your burger. moooiiink.
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now trending at it's a case of bullying in the ocean. check it out. the whale washpots and video. you can see the blue wheal angerly flopping. the interaction happened yesterday during a whale watching tour. the orkas did not move on. we posted it on american airlines unveiled the new air bus. the air bus a321t will offer daily flights from fso to the jfk airport. it is set to go into service on thursday. all eyes may be on the new fan of the bay bridge but some people keeping a close eye on the old span. developers hope to use some of
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the scrap metal for housing projects. another group hopes to use some of the steel for public art proeducate whys. demolition is expected to take at least 3 years. thank you for making ktvu your source for news. we are also on and you can follow us on facebook and twitter. ♪
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this is the freedom to keep chasing all the horizons you want. introducing the all-new 2014 jeep cherokee. ♪ [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on tmz, >> guess what? if ellen degeneres puts that picture on her television show bradley cooper could sue her. >> whoever takes the photo owns the copyright. >> how tacky would it be. >> did he ever say you can use it? >> it's got to be expressed. >> i don't believe he said it. >> i hate lawyers. you ruin everything. >> i know. >> miami police department just released a whole bunch of photos of justin bieber when he was in jail. >> he looks like a 17-year-old tweaker gay male prostitute, but it's kind of hot. >> you're gross. >> wow.

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